Using PayPal is easier than ever before.  You get automatically linked to PayPal from here and then get automatically returned back here when done.  PayPal gives you different payment options;

  • Paying with your credit or debit card
  • Paying with your PayPal account, or setting one up
  • Being billed for your purchase
You cannot use the PayPal Express Checkout for Pick Up orders. Please use regular checkout.

Cash or Check

You can pay cash or be invoiced directly from North Star if you make prior arrangements.  The cash payment option appears during the checkout process.  You cannot make this choice ahead of time, outside of the checkout procedure.

Customer Pickup or Delivery

If you do not want your order shipped (picking up your order, or have made arrangements for delivery - local orders only) you need to select "Pick Up" as a shipping method.  You also make this choice during the checkout procedure.  There is not away to make this choice outside of checkout.  After you have selected Pick Up any shipping cost on the order will be reversed out before you confirm your order.