Welcome to North Star Roastery!Do you know how old your coffee is?  or when it was roasted?  Does it matter?   YES IT DOES!!

If you're a coffee lover and have never experienced a cup of coffee from fresh roasted beans, you have no idea what you are missing!  Simply stated - the BEST (bar none!) cup of coffee you ever tasted will come from high-quality beans that are fresh roasted.

We discovered this after home-roasting our first batch of "green" coffee. All the "new" flavors and aroma were fantastic!!  There was no bitterness.  We were drinking better coffee than you could find in the normal coffee stops, shops, or chains. It was like coffee "on steroids."  When all of our friends and family had the same experience, we knew we were on to something

It was hard to "keep a lid on it."  Our passion for great coffee and wanting to share the experience with more and more people drove us to becoming a regional small-batch craft roastery. 

Roasting in the artisan tradition, we believe each coffee has as an optimal roast level.  That level brings out the maximum flavor for that particular variety coffee.

We will only roast your coffee after you've ordered it and will ship it the same day.  We put the roast date on every package so you know its as fresh as it can be

We order high quality green specialty coffee from reputable suppliers.

Feel free to contact us via email, or phone our use the form on this website..

Thanks for visiting North Star Roastery!